• Gender:Male
  • Birthdate:March 23, 2012 (13 መጋቢት 2004)
  • Known Family:Father
  • Home:House of Hope

Pronounced: YEE-hoon

Yehun and his brother, Piniel, were brought to EGCH in January 2016. Their mother had died over a year prior, and their grandmother was taking care of them, until she became very sick. Their father had hoped that their stay will only be a year until he was able to get a job locally and afford to have them live with him.

Shortly after their arrival, as is standard procedure, Piniel and Yehun were tested for HIV. Piniel tested positive, and Yehun tested negative. After notifying their father, Teshome, he was also tested. Results indicated that Teshome was also HIV positive.

We will continue to support and care for them, just in a different way than we had anticipated. We have rented a place just minutes away from EGCH for Teshome and Piniel to move into, while having Yehun remain at EGCH. Also, we will continue to provide meals, medical assistance, and purchase a small sewing machine for Teshome to start a small sewing business.

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