Muse Emnet

  • Gender:Male
  • Birthdate:September 17, 2016 (6 መስከረም 2009)
  • Known Family:None
  • Home:Lantu's Home

Muse came from a tribe in the southern most part of Ethiopia called Hamar, which is where some of our other kids have come from in the past. Because his top teeth came in before his bottom, he was considered to be a Mingi, which is to say he was cursed. He was supposed to be abandoned or killed, but instead the Lord saved him and had him stay with our friend, Emnet, who has helped us save other children from the Hamar tribe. He lived with Emnet for 4 years, but in order for Muse to get a better education, Emnet asked if Ebenezer could take him in. Muse is deaf and mute, but he seems to be able to get across his needs and wants fairly well. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to get him into the school that our other two deaf girls attend in Hosanna in the future.

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