When Adanech found out she was pregnant, she knew her family would not approve of her or her baby, since she had conceived outside of wedlock. She was very close to giving birth when she had sought help from Women and Children’s Affairs. They contacted Argaw and as Adanech told him her story, he found out she was thinking about aborting her pregnancy. He encouraged her not to abort, but that he would help her take care of her child. However, first he emphasized the need to let her family know that she was pregnant. She went home and told her family, had her baby there and then came back to Hawassa and found Argaw. As promised, we are now caring for her and her precious baby girl, Kalkidan, as they live at Lantu’s Home. Adanech works alongside the mamas and is helping to raise not just Kalkidan, but all the children there as well. Adanech and Kalkidan have been living at Lantu’s Home since June of 2020.

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