• Gender:Male
  • Birthdate:September 17, 2017 (6 መስከረም 2010)
  • Known Family:None
  • Home:Lantu's Home

Teka is from a tribe in the southern most part of Ethiopia called Hamar, where some of our other children come from. He was to be “done away with” because his top teeth had come in before his bottom teeth, deeming him “cursed.” Instead, God spared his life and had him live with a friend of ours, Emnet, in the region. He lived with Emnet for 4 years until he was old enough to attend school. Emnet asked if Ebenezer would be able to take him now that he’ll be able to start school. He is now living at Lantu’s Home. He walks with a limp on one side and struggles to use his hand and arm on the same side. We believe he has a mild type of Cerebral Palsy, but he seems to not allow these to disable him from any activity he desires to do.

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